Dr. Mitchell Rosen

Fertility Preservation Specialist at UCSF

Mitch-Rosen-UCSFDr. Mitchell Rosen is an expert in reproductive endocrinology and fertility based in San Francisco. He is a fertility physician at the UCSF Center for Reproductive Health where he teaches medical students, residents, and fellows.

Dr. Rosen also serves as the director of a multi-disciplinary Fertility Preservation Program – one of the first in the nation. We have a dedicated patient navigator and work closely with oncological specialists, psychologists, genetic counselors, and scientists that are dedicated gamete biologists. This program helps patients with cancer preserve their ability to have children, despite aggressive cancer treatment. Rosen and his team of experienced and compassionate health care professionals are leading experts in the field of fertility preservation.

The UCSF Fertility Preservation Program is focused on quickly providing patients with the information needed to be fully informed about fertility preservation options prior to cancer treatment. The program is uniquely qualified to offer patients the latest treatments not only offering hope, but also safeguards their fertility so they can build a family when they are ready.

Through the UCSF Fertility Preservation Program, several manuscripts have been published, which have had a key impact on how physicians now approach fertility preservation. Overall, the program is dedicated to achieving the following goals: educating women and physicians about the impact of cancer treatment on ovarian function and future fertility; providing comprehensive and outstanding clinical care while managing the psychological impact of potential fertility loss; creating unparalleled translational research to fuel innovations; and leading the field in understanding and treating fertility in patients affected by cancer treatment.

Mitchell Rosen was inspired to pursue a career in medicine after his brother was diagnosed with cancer. Helping people whose lives have been affected by cancer is one of his greatest passions.

In his practice, Mitchell Rosen has seen the prospect of future fertility provide hope and motivation to patients. His research indicates that patients appreciate the consideration he gives to their concerns in the frightening and stressful days following a cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Mitchell Rosen graduated from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 1998. He attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, (Texas) where he completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology. He was named the best resident twice and received the Ortho-McNeil Best Resident Teacher Award.

In 2002, Dr. Mitchell Rosen entered his fellowship training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at UCSF. During his fellowship, Rosen explored a basic research interest in genes involved in gametogenesis. Dr. Rosen was also trained in the UCSF embryology laboratory and is a high complexity lab director (HCLD).

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