Becoming pregnant is one of the miracles of life. It is something that many people spend years wanting and preparing for. Those who are able to get pregnant with ease often don’t realize the hardships those with fertility complications face. Whether you know of an existing fertility condition or are new to trying, it is important that your body is ready for the changes that are coming. Here are a few tips for getting your body and mind ready for creating a new life.



In a previous blog, I mentioned the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy. Some of the foods that help to boost fertility rates were also highlighted. Maintaining a nutritional balance before and during pregnancy is so crucial, that it deserved another mention. Eliminating foods with high levels of unhealthy ingredients (sugar, sodium, unhealthy fats) and swapping in healthy foods can drastically improve your fertility. The less processed foods and the more organic or non-GMO foods will give your body the healthy balance it needs to sustain another life inside of it.


Treat Your Body as if it was Pregnant

Some specialist believe that acting as though you are pregnant before even conceiving is best practice. Many women treat their bodies as temples all the time but tend to buck up when they learn they are pregnant. Asking yourself “would I do this if I was pregnant” is an easy tactic to follow and can allow you to be ready when the time finally comes.


Keep Moving

During your pregnancy your body is going to feel as though it is out of your control, and in a way, it is. As your hormones rage and your internal structure prepares to host a living creature you are bound to feel not like yourself. But, pregnancy is not the time to get lazy and give up exercise and movement. If you aren’t someone who exercises regularly, now is the time to get into the habit. Start prior to pregnancy, then you can continue your journey (in moderation) when carrying your child. Working out can not only help to improve your overall health but it can improve your body’s bounce back rate after giving birth.


There are many ways to help prepare your body for pregnancy. These few tips are just a small start. Stay tuned for more ways to help you get ready to bring a baby into this world!