As more discussions are brought to light regarding fertility, more means for addressing them are making headway. When Facebook and Apple first acknowledged their support of female employees freezing eggs, other companies took note. The two tech companies made way for open discussions and more importantly, additional benefits for those seeking treatment. As companies continue seeing this trend, the topic’s sensitive nature must be kept front of mind.


Before Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg’s companies made headlines, gaming company, Zygna was offering their employees fertility assistance. Since 2015, the company realized just how impactful fertility treatments are on a person’s wallet and time. Between testing and appointments, it eats up a huge time in one’s life. Zygna paved the way by providing all female team members the resources to tackle this major medical-related milestone.


Over the past few years, the way fertility treatment is perceived, has drastically shifted. Human resource companies are now specializing in the implementation of fertility benefits. Carrot, a company founded by fertility treatment alumni, Tammy Sun helps to connect organizations with the proper platforms in offering such benefits. Her company has allowed others to provide their employees with coverage regarding; embryo preservation, sperm freezing, adoption, surrogacy and many other fertility services.


In the workplace, it can seem hard to be transparent regarding these subjects. Tammy Sun suggests finding a coalition within your work colleagues who are seeking similar options. When it comes time to asking about policies and reimbursement opportunities, you’ll have a support system already in place. Of course, human resource is the first place to ponder and with their support, concerns and plans of action can go through the necessary channels.


Creating solutions in regards to fertility treatments often means compromising with upper management. Presenting ways that treatments might impact your work plays a huge role in remaining transparent with your company. Express to your supervisor that while you are as committed to your job as possible, this is a difficult time in your life and might be causing you to not perform to your fullest abilities. The hope is that most organizations will show compassion and support in any capacity. If the encouragement you need during this phase in your life isn’t offered by your employer, more drastic measures should be sought after.